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Gamis Batik Pesagi Nitik Indigo Kode : GMS216CAP
Nama : Gamis Batik Pesagi Nitik Indigo

Bahan : Paris Polyssima
Jenis : Batik Cap
Warna dasar : Oranye
Motif : Batik Pesagi Nitik Indigo
Model : Gamis krah lingkar dengan sopalan polos di ujung lengan dan dada, serta aksen rempel diagonal dada, dan jahit lipatan di bagian depan

Ukuran : M
Harga : Rp 150.000,-

Dress Batik Kembang Ronte Rentesan Kode : DRS501PRQ
Nama : Dress Batik Kembang Ronte Rentesan

Bahan : Primis
Jenis : Batik Cap
Warna dasar : Coklat Muda
Motif : Batik Kembang Ronte Rentesan
Model : Dress dengan krah rebah, tanpa lengan, kancing baju double di bagian depan

Ukuran : M,L
Harga : Rp 75.000,-

Batik Batangan Jalu Mampang Kode : MRI413BTG
Nama : Batik Batangan Jalu Mampang

Bahan : Primis
Jenis : Batik Cap
Warna dasar : Coklat Batangan
Motif : Jalu Mampang

Ukuran : 200 x 115 cm
Harga : Rp 100.000,-

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Here some material to create batik :

Material Fabric should be made from natural fibres such as cotton, linen, muslin or silk. For intricate designs it is important that the fabric has a high thread count. Synthetic fibres are not suitable as they cannot hold dye sufficiently.

Frames These can be bought or made depending on size and adjustability. It is possible to use stretcher bars or old picture frames; however, softwood is preferred as it enables the fabric to be pinned. To reduce the risk of tears to silks and finer fabrics it is possible to use masking tape to secure the material to the frame.

Wax This is available in a number of forms such as blocks, flakes or grains. A beginner is advised that paraffin wax is the easiest to use, however, beeswax offers less opportunity for cracking. Specialist batik wax is a mixture of both paraffin and beeswax.

Electric Wax Pot This is the most efficient and effective way of heating and melting wax as it is thermostatically controlled.

Brushes Varied sizes of cheap oil brushes are advised for use with wax. Stiff bristles prove beneficial when pushing the wax into the surface of the material. Brushes made from natural or synthetic fibres are also required in the dying process. It is important to remember that after use the brushes containing wax cannot be reused for paint or dye.

Tjantings Traditional batik tools used to draw precise lines of wax onto the material. These are available in a range of sizes which allow a small amount of wax to flow from the reservoir.
An electrically heated Tjanting is now available in the form of a modified soldering iron.

A Dye Bath Any suitable container which will allow the batik to be kept flat when submerged can be used.

Cold Water Dyes A range of coloured dyes in powder form and appropriate fixing agent recommended by the products manufacturer.

A selection of soft pencils

Masking tape, Dress making pins, Drawing pins, large saucepan, metal bucket (large enough for batik to be immersed), plastic buckets, wooden tongs, cleaning solvents, plastic pegs, teaspoons, jam jars, greaseproof paper, tracing paper, tissue, rubber gloves, apron, newspaper.

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